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Montec Hosting domain name services have multiple registrar accreditation offering an enormous amount of  domain name extensions. Our customers can benefit from competitive pricing and a quick and easy domain name registration process that encompasses a powerful online management system. We make it easy for you to register domains reseller with an all-inclusive easy-to-use online admin panel.

Domain Management

Domain Manager

Available for all domains registered with us. It provides Anycast DNS zone management (IP4 & IP6), redirection and email forwarding

Competitive Pricing
Domain Min. Years Yearly Registration Transfer Yearly Renewal
.com 1 $14.90AUD FREE $14.90AUD 2 $24.90AUD FREE $24.90AUD 2 $19.90AUD FREE $19.90AUD 2 $24.90AUD FREE $24.90AUD 2 $19.90AUD FREE $19.90AUD 2 $28.90AUD FREE $28.90AUD
.net 1 $14.95AUD FREE $14.95AUD
.org 1 $14.90AUD FREE $14.90AUD
.info 1 $19.90AUD FREE $19.90AUD
.biz 1 $19.90AUD FREE $19.90AUD
.mobi 2 $69.90AUD FREE $69.90AUD
.tv 1 $64.93AUD FREE $64.93AUD
.cc 1 $64.93AUD FREE $64.93AUD 1 $19.95AUD FREE $19.95AUD
.asia 1 $27.90AUD FREE $27.90AUD 1 $29.95AUD FREE $29.95AUD 1 $23.95AUD FREE $29.95AUD
Fast DNS Updates

Anycast DNS network

Our customers websites will load faster, as our distributed Anycast DNS network eliminates the latency for DNS queries from other countries. There are no more 4 to 24 hour wait times for changes. Learn more about Anycast DNS

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